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Full-Line Respiratory Equipment with Clinical Support

“A single source respiratory provider is critical to a post-acute program in long term care. Having to co-ordinate multiple providers cost time, money and results in slow response to potential admissions.”


- Ken Chapman RN


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One Stop Provider


With the current Post Covid environment Skilled Nursing Facilities are being presented with new admissions whose respiratory equipment requirements are more complex that ever. Non-Invasive Ventilators, Hi-Flow Oxygen, Airvo Systems, Bi-Pap and Pulmonary vests are expensive technologies which require not only equipment but also experienced Clinical Support.

Solutions Care network providers can meet these exceptional needs of Skilled Nursing Facilities to “Bridge the Gap” between Hospital and Long-Term care.  


Cardio-Pulmonary Network Provider Member Services



• “Best of Class” Respiratory Equipment Rental, Supplies and Oxygen Provision

• Clinically Based Program with Respiratory Professionals Available 24/7

• Focused Pulmonary Aerosol Program using “State of the Art” Technology

• Cardio-Pulmonary Re-admission reduction Program using advanced FDA cleared diagnostics on-site (MyNicas, SoZo HF-Dex, Watch Pat Sleep Testing)


• Rental Equipment Dis-Infection Program

• Optional Wound Care Equipment and Services



Cincinnati, Ohio


St. Louis, Missouri


Los Angeles, California

Cardio-Pulmonary Provider Network Members



Respiratory Care Provider Network



SNF RT Equipment Supplies

& Oxygen Program

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