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OB / GYN Preeclampsia Intervention

Preeclampsia is a condition in pregnancy which is characterized by abrupt hypertension, albuminuria, and edema and occurs in about 5% of all pregnancies. Worldwide deaths are over 77,000 per year with 700 deaths in the US. African American women are 3 to 4 time more likely to die than white women. Moreover, 15% of all pre-mature births are directly related to this condition.


This condition is the most common complication of Pregnancy and is prevalent in obese women generally occurring around the 20th week of pregnancy. If not treated it can lead to more serious eclampsia.

The obesity epidemic is of increasing concern in the obstetrics community as these women are more likely to be hypertensive prior to pregnancy and experience adverse outcomes.


MyNicas Opportunity

“Impedance Cardiography directed  antihypertensive  therapy allows for informed initiation and titration of blood pressure medications . MyNicas provides a low cost and non-invasive test that should be considered  for optimizing  outcomes in pregnancies complicated by maternal chronic hypertension."


Dr. David Chaffin  Marshall University School of Medicine


For more information on MyNicas Preeclampsia applications please contact
Tom Pressman @ or Tom Jordan @

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