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The Challenge of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Skilled Nursing Patients

2018 Genesis Healthcare presented its’ findings at the AARC annual conference that documented over 40% of SNF COPD admissions were actually patients who had Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)


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“Patients admitted to Skilled Nursing Facilities may significantly reduce their chance of Hospital Readmission by having a sleep test performed. Specific treatments to treat OSA using non-invasive ventilators and Pap therapy can greatly reduce the possibility of re-admission.”

Note: For those patients who have underlying lung disease and / or CHF they can certainly experience a worsening of those conditions Post Covid-19.


Chest: OSA is associated with increased cost of heart failure re-admissions. Annual Meeting October 18th 2020

The Easiest Single-Use HSAT with Essential Features
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Same WatchPAT Simplicity, Accuracy and Reliability


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NO Return Shipment, NO Downloading or Charging

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NO Cleaning,

No Infection Risk


The Easiest Single-Use HSAT

Breakthrough Single-Use Design

• Same WatchPAT simplicity, accuracy, reliability

• NO Return Shipment.
  NO Cleaning, Downloading or Charging

• NO Infection Risk



Streamlined Workflow

•Data transfer through smart phone app

•Immediate access to sleep data for interpretation

•Data interpretation anytime anywhere with Cloud based solution



CloudPAT    Makes Sleep Diagnostics Accessible


CloudPAT, HIPPA-compliant cloud based IT solution for convenient sleep diagnosis and secure patient data transfer, streamline user workflow through online access for sleep report interpretation.

• Its expanded capability SleePATh, a patient care pathway dashboard, enable physicians to track their patient’s sleep apnea management pathway and on-line raw signals study review and interpretation



zzzPAT     Advance Algorithm for Sleep Diagnostics 


zzzPAT software with an advanced algorithm for scoring of respiratory events and sleep stages

• A comprehensive sleep study report is generated within seconds allowing patients to initiate treatment without delay

zzzPAT enables both automatic scoring based on its advanced algorithm or manual scoring by user's preference


zzzPAT allows users to have several montages and graphical changes for event representation for easier report analyzing

WatchPAT ONE Workflow

Note: Test is scored and interpreted with results sent to SNF within 48 to 72 hours


WatchPAT ONE delivered to the Skilled Nursing Facility by RT

Nurse downloads the WatchPAT ONE application to I-Phone (provided)

WatchPAT ONE connects to smart phone through Bluetooth connection

When patient wakes up in the morning, ends the recording

As the test starts, recorded data transfers to cloud server simultaneously

Nurse initiates the test based on instructions on the application provided by RT

Within minutes, clinician has the sleep data in Innovative zzzPAT/CloudPAT account

Information sent to Innovative for Quality Assurance & Sent to Innovative Sleep Physician for Interpretation

On-site Sleep Test with Pulmonogist Interpretation for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Support for Non-Invasive Ventilators

SNF Sleep Testing Benefits


SNF patient never leaves the facility and is tested in their “SNF bed”.

SNF patient outside Covid exposure while in Sleep Lab is eliminated

SNF “escort” requirement to off-site Sleep lab is eliminated reducing SNF labor expense is eliminated

SNF Sleep testing results can result in better patient outcomes and reduced hospital re-admissions

SNF Sleep test can reduce Bi-Pap rental expense as testing can indicate CPAP use at a reduced cost

SNF Sleep Testing Financial Challenges


SNF is fully responsible for Medicare patients off-site testing


SNF pays for “Non-Emergency” Transport of SNF patient to and from Sleep Lab overnight Test


SNF may not get paid while patient is out at Sleep Lab. Note: Many states may only pay bed-hold.


SNF may have to provide staff member” escort” to spend night at Sleep Lab.


Innovative All Inclusive On-Site Sleep Program cost is $500.00 per test…


Potential Savings to SNF is significant.

States with Pulmonogist Interpretation Available through Innovative


SNF On-Site Sleep Testing Program with Pulmonologist Interp

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