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Comprehensive heart failure program

CardioNav was developed to provide a comprehensive heart failure program to post-acute and skilled nursing facilities who struggle with return to hospital issues.

Heart failure affects over 6 million people in the US with over 700,000 new cases every year. Approximately 22% of the people discharged from the hospital with heart failure will be readmitted within 30 days with over a 50% readmission rate within 6 months. Heart failure is the number one Medicare discharge diagnosis with the direct and indirect costs exceeding $40 billion annually.


MyNicas Can Create a Unique Opportunity for Nurse Practitioner Organization who service Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Through the development of CHF Protocols, using the MyNicas and the MyNicas Intervention Model, existing NP facility clients can be provided a sophisticated program for reduction of CHF related Hospital Re-admissions.

MyNicas (ICG Scans) are CMS billable procedures (CPT Code 93701 = $20.84) with related Medical Visits Code 99304-99306 (New Visits) and Code 99307-99310 (Subsequent Visits) averaging $68.24.

This Program can provide incremental revenues to NP organizations since it can be provided to expand visits during current rounds. 

The CardioNav Program provides a proactive program, grounded in education, technology and clinically proven outcomes which resulted in reduced hospital re admissions. It is easy to adopt and allows even your most ailing cardiac patients to be managed effectively in house.

In only three minutes we have the ability to obtain hemodynamic, respiratory and fluids parameters.

This information helps guide clinicians on how to adjust the patient medications and monitor progress over prescribed time intervals.

The CardioNav Program includes proprietary Education and Training for Nursing Staff, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and specialized training for a designated “Cardiac Champion”.

Our “game changing” MyNicas Hemodynamic technology delivers results that are accurate and consistent. MyNicas is the ONLY bio-impedance technology that meets FDA guidelines for bio equivalence to Swan Ganz catheterization; something that can only be achieved in an invasive procedure performed in a hospital setting.

Solutions Care Option


Cardio-NAV is a member of the Phoenix Healthcare Network and has relationships with several Respiratory Partners throughout the US who can add on-site MyNicas testing on a fee for service basis as part of their Respiratory Equipment Rental & oxygen service agreements using Licensed Respiratory Professionals who have been specially trained in MyNicas.

Please contact Tom Jordan at for more details. 

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