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Comprehensive Medication Management

ONLY 54% of Hypertension patients have their condition under control (Below 140/90)


Non-Invasive hemodynamically based protocol can achieve better results and provides support in treating and managing Chronic Care Patients (CCM) through effective medication management.

Hemodynamics: The Forgotten Branch of Cardiology

“Given the advancements in the field, is it time for the Cardiologist to spend time learning how to do advanced hemodynamic?”
(Published 2019 by Dr. Mesfer Alfadhel)

Interventional Cardiologist are revisiting the use of Non-Invasive Hemodynamics (MyNicas) in a supporting role in maintaining patients both before and after invasive procedures.

A recent Journal Abstract published in the AHA discusses the alternative use of MyNicas in the assessment of Cardiac Output (CO).

Conclusion: Stroke Volume measured using NICaS strongly correlated with that derived from CMR.

Current studies are being conducted at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada

Hypertension in Physicians Offices
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Every patient receives a personalized, easy to read report, where they will be able to “see their blood pressure” and track their progress over time.

“Often patients are anxious to see their follow up ICG test after medication has been started”
Primed Physicians – Ohio

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The CardioNav program can provide a new comprehensive Medication Management Dynamic to those patients who are routinely treated for Hypertension in the physician office.


Hypertension affects nearly one third of the US population overall, and the prevalence rises sharply with age. Over 43% of patients treated fail to achieve physician prescribed goals. Among the African-American population the number rises to 48%. It is estimated that the 70 million plus patients in the US with Hypertension accounted for over 157 million physician office visits in 2014. That number is continuing to rise annually.

Due to a lack of reliable instrumentation capable of measuring hemodynamic abnormalities, physicians, to a certain extent, are forced to work in the dark resulting in compromised treatment.

The CardioNav Program provides advanced technology through the use of the MyNicas Hemodynamic NAVIGATOR System which is capable of indicating the exact cause of hypertension based on objective hemodynamic parameters.

These parameters allow the physician a “deeper” understanding of the total dynamics driving the underlying reasons for causes for each patient’s hypertension. This allows better medication management and enables the physician the ability to trend the effectiveness of the treatment and provide the ability to adjust medication accordingly over prescribed time intervals.

In only three minutes the clinician has the ability to obtain a clear printed report of hemodynamic, respiratory and fluids parameters.

MyNicas is also used in the treatment and monitoring of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients within the physician practice.

Our “game changing” MyNicas Hemodynamic technology delivers results that are accurate and consistent. MyNicas is the ONLY bio-impedance technology that meets FDA guidelines for bio-equivalence to Swan Ganz catheterization; something that can only be achieved in an invasive procedure performed in a hospital setting.

Please contact Tom Jordan at for more details. 


NOTE: The ICG scan is reimbursed by CMS at a rate of $21.00 (CPT code 93701). Additionally, the scan can support the newly published Chronic Care Management (CCM) CPT Codes (Published January 2017)

Please refer to the MyNicas Overview.

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