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ANNOUNCING: MyNicas Telehealth and Remote Cloud based Technology Applications

Cardio NAV, through its’ relationship with The Phoenix Healthcare Network, is pleased to announce new applications for the MyNicas Hemodynamic System.

Phoenix has recently expanded Telehealth Applications in two of its’ product lines and is currently working to provide MyNicas testing to physician tele-health programs to provide accurate readings of Cardiac Output and other MyNicas functions which will more effectively manage medication administration.


SBS Wound Innovations has developed a telehealth program whereby wound care physicians can view and prescribe the use of the EPIFLO TCOT Oxygen Concentrator and the WoundWise IQ wound mapping technologies using several telehealth platforms.


Phoenix HELP ACD (Advanced Care Directives) will soon be providing its Face to Face NetLaw services via telehealth within qualified service areas.

Cardio-NAV is working within the existing Phoenix Telehealth relationships to add MyNicas to their platforms for use with their existing clients.


MyNicas now offers cloud-based reporting for Physicians needing to view and interpret scans remotely.


MyNicas has also recently developed a remote testing option that will allow the user in the control room to perform the MyNicas scan remotely by guiding the patient to hook themselves up, thus reducing the requirement for the clinician to enter the room with which may be compromised  environment.

In many cases the MyNicas can be used in a screening function for patients who may require Echo procedures further reducing the necessity of exposing Echo equipment and the Echo technician to Covid-19.

Please contact Tom Jordan at for more details. 

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