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The Challenge of treating Heart Failure Patients who are Post Covid-19

Post Covid 19 heart failure can develop due to a systematic inflammatory response to the infection, high lung pressures from lung damage, or occur from heart inflammation known as myocarditis.


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CHF Post Covid


“Indivduals with known cardiovascular disease are at an increased risk of more severe complications from respiratory viral illnesses, including the flu and Covid-19. We know that during severe SARS-CoV-2 infection, heart function may decrease. Sometimes this decrease is a consequence of the systemic inflammatory response to infection, and occasionally, in some people, because of direct viral infection in the heart. For older patients, with existing heart failure, the increased demand placed on the heart causes additional stress on the cardiac reserve capacity”


Leslie Cooper MD Chair Dept Of Cardiology at the Mayo Clinic 

SOZO® – Digital Health Platform

- Direct measure of fluid volume

- Non-invasive

- Easy-to-use

- Results in less than 30 seconds1

- Store and share patient results

- Access secure data from any computer

- HIPAA complaint

- Data analysis and reporting

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Press Release 11 18 2020 : Phoenix Healthcare first US Company to add new HF-Dex Technology for Skilled Nursing Facilities

SOZO® Objective Measure of Fluid for Heart Failure


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HF-Dex Differentiates Fluid and Tissue-Related Weight Changes
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Cell membranes act as capacitors

Low frequency current: extracellular fluid

   - Cannot pass through cell membranes

   - Travels only through extracellular space

   - Provides a measure of extracellular fluid (ECF)


High frequency current: total body water

   - Passes through cell membranes

   - Travels through extracellular and intracellular space

   - Provides a measure of total body water (TBW)

Provide SoZo Intervention with HF-Dex
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SoZo on




Hospital Readmissions


Results in 30 seconds based on Cole Analysis using 256 different frequencies

SOZO® – Digital Health Platform


- Differentiates between fluid and tissue related weight changes

- Easy to use and Non-invasive with results in less than 30 seconds1

- Data analysis and reports tracking response to medication changes

- A sophisticated marker for readmission in heart failure patients

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SNF Dedicated On-Site Post-Covid CHF HF-DEX Management Program

The Phoenix Healthcare Solution… Cardio-Pulmonary Specialty Unit Components

• Dedicated Full Time Respiratory Therapist & staff who will provide one on one treatment and pulmonary rehabilitation  Monday thru Friday 10 hours a day.


• The Respiratory Therapist will participate on weekly rounds by Medical Director to develop specific patient care plans with the goal of reducing hospital re-admissions.


• Education programs will be provided to nursing staff  with specific pulmonary training which will include competencies.


• Complete policy and procedure manual customized to all units.


• Unit will have full compliment of diagnostic equipment available on site.

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