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Effective Aerosol Therapy is the Best Tool to treat Pulmonary Disease

“A mesh nebulizer (Aerogen) is more effective than jet nebulizer to nebulize bronchodilators during non-invasive ventilation of subjects with COPD”


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Aerogen Pro-X


“Although aerosol therapy is a mainstay procedure used in the treatment of pulmonary diseases in healthcare settings, it has potential for fugitive Covid emissions during therapy due to the generation of aerosols and droplets as a source of respiratory pathogens. Fugitive is defined as aerosols that have been released from the aerosol device during patient expiration. A closed system (Aerogen) is preferred in the treatment of Post Covid COPD patients”


CDC & NIH: Respir Med: July 19th 2020


Aerogen Solo

High Performance Aerosol Drug Delivery

6 Times MORE medication delivered to

 lungs compared to a Jet Nebulizer


The Problem: Traditional Jet Nebulizers
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SNF On-Site Targeted Medication Program

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The Solution: 10-15% medication to the lungs
High Performance Aerosol Across Multiple Modalities
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The Solution: Potential Reduced Risk of Infection
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Targeted Respiratory Medication Management

Traditional Nebulizers used in SNF’s provide only “large micron” nebulization which results in the majority of prescribed medication being “washed out” in upper airway or ineffective Rx  



IPS uses Aerogen High Output Nebulizers providing smaller Micron delivery resulting in 6 times more medication being delivered to the patient per physician order



IPS focused Respiratory Medication Program identifies patients who are at “high-risk” for

re-admission and

qualifies those patients within the Skilled Nursing Facility for treatment 



IPS then completes post-aerosol  therapy with aggressive Pulmonary follow up  (i.e. Cough & Deep Breathing) to increase patient mobility and improve patient outcomes



IPS Program reduces nursing labor as a result of less nursing time being spent dealing with on-going respiratory issues including possible Covid-19 reinfections



IPS Program can also reduce costly hospital

re-admissions and provide

a marketing differential to referral sources who are looking for specialized RT which can result in new admissions. 


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